Why Constable Teddy?
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Why did I start this program?
I started this program in hopes that I could bring a smile, even if temporary, to the face of a child with one of our donated bears. I am 35 and know the joy that a teddy bear can bring to one's life. Although a teddy bear cannot change the world and cure all of its problems....it can however bring a bit of sunshine into a otherwise gloomy day!

Why Constables & Teddies?
Why police work and teddy bears? Thats simple. What better way to reach children in need than through law enforcement, and in this case CONSTABLES! My hobby/passion is teddy bears. The Constable Teddy Program was my best effort of combining those two interests into one productive effort!

Some of our supporters.....
Of course I should mention the Louisiana Constables Association first and foremost.

Holy Bears and Rob Leclair



Agape Bears

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